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Java Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code Data Science Projects Action
1 TCMAJA130 Loss Prevention System In Stock Market View Details
2 TCMAJA129 Earthquake Reporting System Based On Social Networking Site Using Machine Learning View Details
3 TCMAJA133 Death Prediction And Analysis Using Web Mining Technique View Details
4 TCMAJA137 Real Estate Search Based On Machine Learning View Details
5 TCMAJA141 Tv Show Popularity Analysis Using Machine Learning (ml) View Details
6 TCMAJA145 Consumer Sales Online Fake Product Detection And Deletion Using Ai View Details
7 TCMAJA149 Online Book Recommendation Using Collaborative Filtering Ai View Details
8 TCMAJA126 Age Group Classification In Social Networks Using Deep Learning View Details
9 TCMAJA134 Personality Prediction System Using Machine Learning(ml) View Details
10 TCMAJA138 Sales Prediction In Tourism Industry (ml) View Details
11 TCMAJA142 Restaurant Recommendation Using Sentiment Analysis Ml View Details
12 TCMAJA146 E-auction Bidding System Using Artificial Intelligence View Details
13 TCMAJA127 Automation Random Question Paper Generator Using Machine Learning Technique View Details
14 TCMAJA131 Medicate Search Using Machine Learning View Details
15 TCMAJA135 Predicting BMI Using Behavioral Outcomes View Details
16 TCMAJA143 Intelligent Job Tracker Using Ai View Details
17 TCMAJA147 Health Monitoring System Using Ai View Details
18 TCMAJA128 Eamcet Mock Counseling Using Unsupervised Learning View Details
19 TCMAJA132 Movie Success Prediction Using Data Mining View Details
20 TCMAJA136 Ranking And Feedback Model In Search Engines Using Unsupervised Techniques View Details
21 TCMAJA140 Sentiment Based Movie Rating System Using Machine Learning(ml) View Details
22 TCMAJA144 Automatic Backup System Application Using Ai View Details
23 TCMAJA148 Higher Education Access Prediction Using Ai View Details
24 TCMAJA150 Student Chat Bot For College Administration Using Artificial Intelligence View Details
25 TCMAJA139 Self-diagnosis System For Disease Treatment Using Ml View Details

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