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Java Research projects
Sl.No Project Code Big Data Projects Action
1 TCREJA19_116 Research on Automated Modeling Algorithm Using Association Rules for Traffic Accidents View Details
2 TCREJA19_52 Comparing A Traditional Approach For Financial Brand Communication Analysis With A Big Data Analytics Technique View Details
3 TCREJA19_61 Big Data Analytics: Predicting Academic Course Preference Using Hadoop Inspired Mapreduce View Details
4 TCREJA19_58 Leveraging Product Characteristics For Online Collusive Detection In Big Data Transactions View Details
5 TCREJA19_47 A Methodology Of Real-time Data Fusion For Localized Big Data Analytics View Details
6 TCREJA19_60 Tumk-elm: A Fast Unsupervised Heterogeneous Data Learning Approach View Details
7 TCREJA19_48 An Incremental Tensor-train Decomposition For Cyber-physical-social Big Data View Details
8 TCREJA19_56 Intelligent Big Data Summarization For Rare Anomaly Detection View Details
9 TCREJA19_57 Knowledge Spillovers Of Medical Big Data Under Hierarchical Medical System And Patients Medical Treatment Decisions View Details
10 TCREJA19_49 An Integrated Methodology For Big Data Classification And Security For Improving Cloud Systems Data Mobility View Details
11 TCREJA19_53 Efficient Provenance Management Via Clustering And Hybrid Storage In Big Data Environments View Details
12 TCREJA19_63 Landscape Of Big Medical Data: A Pragmatic Survey On Prioritized Tasks View Details
13 TCREJA19_46 A Distributed Computing Platform For Fmri Big Data Analytics View Details
14 TCREJA19_50 Big Data Opportunities: System Health Monitoring And Management View Details
15 TCREJA19_54 Exploring Behavioral Heterogeneities Of Elementary School Students’ Commute Mode Choices Through The Urban Travel Big Data View Details
16 TCREJA19_59 Nonparametric Distributed Learning Architecture For Big Data: Algorithm And Applications View Details
17 TCREJA19_51 Big Data Quality Assurance Through Data Traceability: A Case Study Of The National Standard Reference Data Program Of Korea View Details
18 TCREJA19_55 Ftlads: Object-logging Based Fault-tolerant Big Data Transfer System Using Layout Aware Data Scheduling View Details

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