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Python Research projects
Sl.No Project Code Machine Learning Projects Action
1 TCREPY19_16 A Survey Of Location Prediction On Twitter View Details
2 TCREPY19_08 A Proposed Model For Predicting Employees’ Performance Using Data Mining Techniques Egyptian Case Study View Details
3 TCREPY19_42 Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding View Details
4 TCREPY19_66 Scalable Content-aware Collaborative Filtering View Details
5 TCREPY19_30 Efficiently Mining Frequent Item Sets On Massive Data View Details
6 TCREPY19_60 Multi-party High-dimensional Data Publishing View Details
7 TCREPY19_68 Security And Privacy-preserving Challenges Of E-health Solutions In Cloud Computing View Details
8 TCREPY19_129 Stock Price Trend Forecasting using Supervised Learning Methods View Details
9 TCREPY19_62 Prediction of Diabetes Using Machine Learning Algorithms in Healthcare View Details
10 TCREPY19_06 A Low-effort Analytics Platform For Visualizing Evolving Flask-based Python Web Services View Details
11 TCREPY19_34 Glaucoma Detection Using Fundus Images Of The Eye View Details
12 TCREPY19_50 Introducing Glucofit An Assistive Technology For Monitoring And Managing Diabetes View Details
13 TCREPY19_72 Semi-supervised Deep Fuzzy C-mean Clustering For Imbalanced Multi-class Classification View Details
14 TCREPY19_84 Movie Recommender System Using K-means Clustering And K-nearest Neighbor View Details
15 TCREPY19_20 Breast Cancer Diagnosis Using Image Processing And Machine Learning For Elastography Images View Details
16 TCREPY19_38 Handwritten Character Recognition Using Deep-learning View Details
17 TCREPY19_52 Learning A Convolutional Neural Network For Image Compact-resolution View Details
18 TCREPY19_64 Realization Of An Expandable Search Function For An E-learning Web Portal View Details
19 TCREPY19_74 Track&go A Location Prediction Web Application View Details
20 TCREPY19_86 Python For Data Analytics, Scientific And Technical Applications View Details
21 TCREPY19_10 A Review On Machine Learning Classification Techniques For Plant Disease Detection View Details
22 TCREPY19_22 Clpy -a Numpy-compatible Library Accelerated With Opencv View Details
23 TCREPY19_56 Methodology With Python Technology And Social Network Analysis Tools To Analyze The Work Of Students Collaborating In Facebook Groups View Details
24 TCREPY19_78 Yelp Recommendation System Using Advanced Collaborative Filtering Machine Learning Projects View Details
25 TCREPY19_90 Mobile Phone Data Visualization Using Python Qgis Api View Details
26 TCREPY19_02 3-d Microvascular Imaging Using High Frame Rate Ultrasound And Asap Without Contrast Agents Development And Initial In Vivo Evaluation On Non Tumor And Tumor Models View Details
27 TCREPY19_14 A Study On Facial Expression And First Impression Through Machine Learning View Details
28 TCREPY19_46 Implementation Of Deep Learning Algorithm With Perceptron Using Tensorflow View Details
29 TCREPY19_80 Emotion Recognition And Drowsiness Detection Using Python View Details

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