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power electronics Major projects
Sl.No Project Code Multilevel converters Projects Action
1 TEMAPE46 A Single-phase Five-branch Direct Ac-ac Modular Multilevel Converter For Railway Power Conditioning View Details
2 TEMAPE50 Balancing Of Sub Module Capacitor Voltage Of Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter (mmc) Under Dc Bus Voltage Variation Of Hvdc System View Details
3 TEMAPE54 Parallel Implementation Of Model Predictive Control For Multilevel Cascaded H-bridge Statcom With Linear Complexity View Details
4 TEMAPE02 A Simple Autonomous Phase-shifting Pwm Approach For Series Connected Multi-converter Harmonic Mitigation View Details
5 TEMAPE47 A Novel Series-connected Asymmetric Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter For Hvdc Tapping Application View Details
6 TEMAPE51 Effective Grid Connected Power Injection Scheme Using Multilevel Inverter Based Hybrid Wind Solar Energy Conversion System View Details
7 TEMAPE44 A Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter For Solar Power Integration View Details
8 TEMAPE48 An Adaptive Pi Control Scheme To Balance The Neutral-point Voltage In A Solar Pv Fed Grid Connected Neutral Point Clamped Inverter View Details
9 TEMAPE52 Failure Prediction Of Submodule Capacitors In Modular Multilevel Converter By Monitoring The Intrinsic Capacitor Voltage Fluctuations View Details
10 TEMAPE45 A Five-level Inverter Scheme Using Single Dc Link With Reduced Number Of Floating Capacitors And Switches Or Open-end Im Drives View Details
11 TEMAPE49 Application Of Multi-level Converter For Fast Current Control In Small-scale Dc Power Network View Details
12 TEMAPE53 Modulated Model Predictive Control For Modular Multilevel Ac/ac Converter View Details

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