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Power systems Research projects
Sl.No Project Code Power quality Projects Action
1 TEREPS19_10 Mitigation Of Inter Harmonics In Pv Systems With Maximum Power Point Tracking Modification View Details
2 TEREPS19_30 Fault Ride-through Strategy For Two-stage Gpv System Enabling Load Compensation Capabilities Using Ekf Algorithm View Details
3 TEREPS19_69 A Voltage Smoothing Algorithm Using Energy Storage Pq Control In Pv-integrated Power Grid View Details
4 TEREPS19_74 Simultaneous Fast Frequency Control And Power Oscillation Damping By Utilizing Pv Solar System As Pv-statcom View Details
5 TEREPS19_112 An Adaptive Variable Leaky Least Mean Square Control Scheme for Grid Integration of a PV System View Details
6 TEREPS19_14 Modelling And Voltage Control Of The Solar- Wind Hybrid Micro-grid With Optimized Statcom View Details
7 TEREPS19_34 Performance Investigation Of Multifunctional On-grid Hybrid Wind-pv System With Oasc And Maf Based Control View Details
8 TEREPS19_70 Experimental Investigation Of Adaptive Fuzzy Global Sliding Mode Control Of Single-phase Shunt Active Power Filters View Details
9 TEREPS19_75 Power Flow Control Of Interconnected Ac-dc Microgrids In Grid-connected Hybrid Microgrids Using Modified Uipc View Details
10 TEREPS19_16 Advanced Control Strategies For Convertible Static Transmission Controller Enabled Dual Active Power Filters And Pv-power Integration View Details
11 TEREPS19_43 A Voltage Smoothing Algorithm Using Energy Storage Pq Control In Pv-integrated Power Grid View Details
12 TEREPS19_71 Parallel Implementation Of Model Predictive Control For Multilevel Cascaded H-bridge Statcom With Linear Complexity View Details
13 TEREPS19_77 An Improved Current Control Strategy Based On Particle Swarm Optimization (pso) And Steady State Error Correction For Sapf View Details
14 TEREPS19_07 Lmmn Based Adaptive Control For Power Quality Improvement Of Grid Intertie Wind-pv System View Details
15 TEREPS19_28 Control Of Single-phase Solar Power Generation System With Universal Active Power Filter Capabilities Using Least Mean Mixed-norm (lmmn)-based Adaptive Filtering Method View Details
16 TEREPS19_60 Weak Grid Intertie Wegs With Hybrid Generalized Integrator For Power Quality Improvement View Details
17 TEREPS19_72 Real-time Hil Implementation Of A Single-phase Distribution Level Thseaf Based On D-npc Converter Using Proportional-resonant Controller For Power Quality Platform View Details
18 TEREPS19_78 Active And Reactive Power Injection Strategies For Three-phase Four-wire Inverters During Symmetrical/asymmetrical Voltage Sags View Details

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