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Domain Based Research Projects
Sl.No Project Code Industrial Automation Projects Action
1 TEMBRE19_102 An Early Detection System For Proactive Management Of Raw Milk Quality View Details
2 TEMBRE19_212 Automatic Optimization And Control Of Power Factor, Reactive Power And Reduction Of Thd For Linear An Nonlinear Load By Using Arduino Uno View Details
3 TEMBRE19_870 Rfid Based Secure Smart School Bus System Using Raspberry Pi View Details
4 TEMBRE19_73 Condition Monitoring Of Wind Turbine Blades Using Active And Passive Thermograph View Details
5 TEMBRE19_339 Smart Ration Card System Using Rfid And Embedded System View Details
6 TEMBRE19_333 Multi-sensor Integrated System For Wireless Monitoring Of Greenhouse Environment View Details
7 TEMBRE19_865 Iot Based Indoor Air Pollution Monitoring Using Raspberry Pi View Details
8 TEMBRE19_79 Collision Warning With Auto Brake & Complete High Voltage Disconnect During Crash View Details
9 TEMBRE19_96 Monitoring Corrosion Process Of Reinforced Concrete Structure Using Fbg Strain Sensor View Details
10 TEMBRE19_113 Developing Fish Feeder System Using Raspberry Pi View Details
11 TEMBRE19_150 Intelligent Food And Grain Storage Management System For The Warehouse And Cold Storage View Details
12 TEMBRE19_199 Fuel Allocation And Lockout System View Details
13 TEMBRE19_230 A Raspberry Pi Controlled Antenna System For Switchable Tilted-twin Beams View Details
14 TEMBRE19_484 Semantic Rules Engine For The Industrial Internet-of-things Gateways View Details

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