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Robotics & drones Digital India
Sl.No Project Code
1 TEMBS156 Drone With Artificial Intelligence View Details
2 TEMBS161 Pick And Place Robot View Details
3 TEMBS157 Mobile Operated Robot. View Details
4 TEMBS158 Remote Controlled Grass Cutter Robot. View Details
5 TEMBS159 Wireless Robot View Details
6 TEMBS160 House Cleaning Robot View Details
7 TEMBS162 Line Follower Robot View Details
8 TEMBS163 Remote Controlled Robot With Obstacle Avoidance View Details
9 TEMBS164 Remote Robot With Pouring View Details
10 TEMBS165 Solar Powered Electric Vehicle View Details
11 TEMBS166 Drainage Cleaning Robot View Details
12 TEMBS167 Water Sprinkling Robot View Details
13 TEMBS168 Solar Powered Bomb Detecting Robot View Details
14 TEMBS169 Advertisement Robot View Details
15 TEMBS170 Finger Controlled Robot For Physically Handicapped Persons View Details
16 TEMBS171 Seed Sowing Robot View Details
17 TEMBS172 Wireless Rf Robot View Details
18 TEMBS173 Voice Control Wheel Chair View Details
19 TEMBS174 Railway Track Fault Detecting System Using Led & Ldr View Details
20 TEMBS175 Fire Fighting Robot View Details
21 TEMBS176 Accident Prevention Robot View Details
22 TEMBS177 Leap Motion Controlled Robot View Details
23 TEMBS178 Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Vehicle View Details
24 TEMBS179 Advanced Military Spying & Bomb Disposal Robot View Details
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