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Security & Surveillance Make in India
Sl.No Project Code
2 TEMBS158 Intelligent Fire Detection With Automatic Sprinkler System To Avoid Fire Accidents View Details
3 TEMBS172 Automatic Fire Detector With Water Sprinkler View Details
4 TEMBS191 Mobile Alarm For Lpg Leakage. View Details
5 TEMBS152 Rfid Based Automatic Door Locking System View Details
6 TEMBS153 Fprs Based Atm Authentication System View Details
7 TEMBS154 Rfid Based Student Attendance Management System View Details
8 TEMBS155 Password Based School Door Opening View Details
9 TEMBS156 Password Based Bank Door Lock Opening View Details
10 TEMBS157 Gsm Based Vehicle Fuel Theft Detection System View Details
11 TEMBS159 Gsm Based Home Security System View Details
12 TEMBS160 Finger Print Based Door Lock View Details
13 TEMBS161 Metal Detector To Find Bomb War Fields View Details
14 TEMBS162 Woman Safety Device View Details
15 TEMBS163 Child Safety Wearable Device To Rescue Children View Details
16 TEMBS164 Fire & Gas Accident Avoider System View Details
17 TEMBS165 Android Password Based Remote Door Opener System Project View Details
18 TEMBS166 Automatic Ambulance Rescue System Using Microcontroller View Details
19 TEMBS167 Hand Bag Theft Detection System View Details
20 TEMBS168 Fingerprint Based Exam Hall Authentication View Details
21 TEMBS169 Student Bio-metric Attendance System View Details
22 TEMBS170 Fingerprint And Keypad Based Security Access System. View Details
23 TEMBS171 Multi-functional Security System For House With Voice Interaction View Details
24 TEMBS173 Method To Rescue Child From Deep Bore Well View Details
25 TEMBS174 Electronic Code Lock View Details
26 TEMBS175 Smoke Detector Circuit View Details
27 TEMBS176 Border Security System View Details
28 TEMBS177 Secure Your Motor Bike With Rf Based Warning Receiver. View Details
29 TEMBS178 Electronic Eye With Security System View Details
30 TEMBS179 Fire Detection System View Details
31 TEMBS180 Alarm Protect Method For Protection Of Tree View Details
32 TEMBS181 Cng/lpg Gas Accident Prevention With Gsm Alert View Details
33 TEMBS182 Multi Controller Based Wheelchair Safety Using Android, Touch, Speech & Gesture Control. View Details
34 TEMBS183 Motion Based Automatic Door Opener View Details
35 TEMBS184  prison Break Monitoring & Alerting System View Details
36 TEMBS185 Iot Based Fire Department Alerting System View Details
37 TEMBS186 Home And Industrial Safety Using Fire And Gas Detection System View Details
38 TEMBS187 Invisible Broken Wire Detector. View Details
39 TEMBS188 Airport Security Luggage Scanner System With Conveyor Belt Arrangement. View Details
40 TEMBS189 Diamond Security System In Museums With Loud 60db Siren. View Details
41 TEMBS190 Bank Cash Box Guard With Alert. View Details
42 TEMBS192 Three In One Home Security System. View Details
43 TEMBS193 Industrial Fire And Gas Leakage System Using Gsm. View Details
44 TEMBS194 Embedded Automobile Locking System Using Gsm Technology View Details
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