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Front End Research Projects
Sl.No Project Code Arithmetic Core Projects Action
1 TVREFE19_17 Analysis, Modeling And Optimization Of Equal Segment Based Approximate Adders View Details
2 TVREFE19_25 Design And Analysis Of Approximate Redundant Binary Multipliers View Details
3 TVREFE19_74 Design and Analysis of Majority Logic Based Approximate Adders and Multipliers View Details
4 TVREFE19_09 A Two-speed, Radix-4, Serial–parallel Multiplier View Details
5 TVREFE19_36 A Division-free Toom-cook Multiplication Based Montgomery Modular Multiplication View Details
6 TVREFE19_11 Low-power Approximate Unsigned Multipliers With Configurable Error Recovery View Details
7 TVREFE19_21 A Combined Arithmetic-high-level Synthesis Solution To Deploy Partial Carry-save Radix-8 Booth Multipliers In Datapaths View Details
8 TVREFE19_48 Fast Hub Floating-point Adder For FPGA View Details
9 TVREFE19_01 Design And Evaluation Of Approximate Logarithmic Multipliers For Low Power Error-tolerant Applications View Details
10 TVREFE19_24 A Theoretical Framework For Quality Estimation And Optimization Of DSP Applications Using Low-power Approximate Adders View Details
11 TVREFE19_30 Static Delay Variation Models For Ripple-carry And Borrow-save Adders View Details
12 TVREFE19_67 A Solution to Optimize Multi-Operand Adders in CNN Architecture on FPGA View Details
13 TVREFE19_07 Design Of Approximate Radix-4 Booth Multipliers For Error-tolerant Computing View Details
14 TVREFE19_31 Machine Learning Based Power Efficient Approximate 4:2 Compressors For Imprecise Multipliers View Details
15 TVREFE19_18 Block-based Carry Speculative Approximate Adder For Energy-efficient Applications View Details
16 TVREFE19_15 Tosam: An Energy-efficient Truncation- And Rounding-based Scalable Approximate Multiplier View Details
17 TVREFE19_29 Design Of Fsm-based Function With Reduced Number Of States In Integral Stochastic Computing View Details
18 TVREFE19_26 Digit-serial Versatile Multiplier Based On A Novel Block Recombination Of The Modified Overlap-free Karatsuba Algorithm View Details

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